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  • Do you have an idea you want to prototype and test out—fast and cost-effectively? Or, bring a product to market?
  • Are you an architectural or engineering firm not only seeking Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) coastal and water management solutions, but desiring solutions that can be prototyped in less than a week, and scaled and delivered in a month?
  • Are you seeking design-build Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) coastal, land, and housing/commercial construction?
  • Are you interested in franchising and/or licensing IP with 1Print?
  • Are you a non-profit or a for-profit looking to partner with a company like 1Print to further your ESG goals?
  • Are you a university or institution that wants to partner on a grant opportunity?
  • Do you have a pretermitted area for projects or pilots? The infrastructure of Housing/Commercial?
  • Are you interested in joining our team?

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