Building Solutions

Advancing the built environment with 1Print.

The possibilities of 3D printing in the built environment are virtually limitless. The technology has evolved from bringing architectural models to life to creating large-scale production techniques that allow us to plan and build large-scale residential and commercial buildings, industrial spaces, shelters, schools, and entire communities. And there is a big need.

Enter 1Print Construction.

At 1Print, we are not only collaborating on housing communities that are less expensive and far more resistant to natural disaster than traditional homes, but also working on other design-build-construct projects including innovative high-rise commercial structures and industrial spaces that conserve space and land as well as schools that can be built quickly.

1Print and nidus3D.

1Print Construction has a strategic partnership with nidus3D, a Canadian leader in 3D construction. nidus3D printed North America’s first multi-story, multi-unit 3D concrete printed buildings using proprietary low carbon concrete.

Together, we are building next-generation residential, commercial, industrial and public building with the following advantages:

  • 40% fewer materials with zero waste
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Climate resilient
  • Design flexibility (curved walls)
  • Structural, ASTM-compliant wall assemblies
  • Engineered, permit-ready design with functional layouts.

3D printed residential, commercial, industrial buildings.

1Print is a first mover in the automated construction industry that standardizes a building model for 3DCP. We will develop and 3D print a repeatable and continuously improved upon building model template for developers who are looking to solve the residential/commercial real estate, labor, and material deficit plaguing our world today. 1Print’s long-term vision is to scale the building models, with local modifications, worldwide.

As a new type of infrastructure and construction company, we are revolutionizing infrastructure manufacturing and construction by designing and producing at scale 3D concrete products on-site in never-before-possible shapes and sizes. Over the next few years, we will be leveraging our expertise in technology to begin printing complete single and multi-family homes, commercial buildings, schools, and industrial spaces.  Our 3DCP technology will result in construction solutions that are less expensive, stronger, and more resilient to natural disasters, and faster than traditional construction techniques.

Challenges addressed by 1Print Construction.

  • Residential/commercial real estate challenges: 1Print produces faster, less expensive buildings and industrial spaces.
  • Labor shortage: Young people are interested in this advanced technology approach, and because less hard labor is required, this results in a more secure future workforce.
  • Materials: Price will be lower when the industry gets to scale, and less waste in construction projects results in lower cost of materials.
  • Weather: 1Print residential/commercial/industrial buildings are hurricane and flood resistant and better for the environment.
  • Scaling: 1Print Construction can train building teams on our building system, minimize fixed project costs by trimming the same model, and, at the same time, get through permitting and regulations faster.