Land Infrastructure

Restoring aging, complex, and large-scale land infrastructures.

Sewage systems, storm water/drainage, catch basins, inlets, drywells, bridges, retaining walls, pump outs, and concrete pipes all play a vital role in how our world functions. Land infrastructure is critically important. The problem? Much of it needs to be replaced—now. Yet most infrastructure products today have long lead times of not just months but years and can’t easily be customized. Many are cookie-cutter approaches that still depend on traditional, precast concrete molds in fixed sizes and shapes. 

  • So, what if you had access to unique geometries and complex shapes for products? 
  • What if storage and transportation was not an issue? 
  • What is you could provide your customers with Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) such as green roofs, permeable pavements, wetlands, river ecosystems as an example
  • And how do we fix America’s crumbling infrastructure, and, at the same time, how do we make communities more resilient to the impact of climate change?

Inspiring innovation—breaking the mold.

As a new type of infrastructure and construction company, 1Print is inspiring innovative solutions to our aging land infrastructure. In fact, we see this as an opportunity to extend the definition of infrastructure to include natural systems that will be more beneficial to society than simply maintaining, repairing, or replacing gray infrastructure. 

1Print offers never-before-possible 3D concrete printing in complex shapes rather than fixed, preset molds and a quick path to mass scale. Our products will help rebuild aging infrastructure and support various agencies (DOT, DOE, DOD, NOAA, FEMA) with new approaches to manufacturing.

An estimated $94 trillion will be spent on infrastructure globally in the next 20 years, according to

In 2021, the largest infrastructure bill in U.S. history was signed into law—shoring up $1.2 trillion in funds.