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Revolutionizing Construction: Sustainable 3D Concrete Printing Solutions

Our technology enables rapid development of complex shapes, ensuring cost-effective deployment and swift scalability, revolutionizing the construction industry with innovation and sustainability.

Coastal Protection

Our products utilize innovative approaches in shoreline preservation and ecosystem restoration to shield coastlines and communities from ongoing damage.
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Land Infrastructure

Inspiring, innovative products to solve our aging land infrastructure issues.
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At 1Print, we collaborate on cost-effective, disaster-resistant housing and innovative commercial and industrial projects, including space-saving high-rises and rapid-build schools.
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Portfolio of coastal/shoreline products.

Our 3DCP coastal protection products leverage SEAHIVE® technology under the name PrintCast, and include:

Floating breakwaters

Floating breakwaters are an effective solution for protecting fragile beaches from being washed away, coastlines from erosion, and strong wave action to floating structures, marinas and ports.

Submerged breakwaters

Submerged breakwaters are designed to reduce the coasts against erosion and port channels from sand deposition. They can also be designed to redistribute the sediment transport pattern and trap the traveling sediment for the purpose of beach restoration.

Jetways and piers

Jetways and Piers protect the shoreline of a body of water by acting as a barrier against erosion from currents, tides, and waves.

Above-water breakwaters

Above-water breakwaters, extending from above the seawater to some distance below, are an essential part of any coastal management system.

Rip rap replacements

Replacing loose stone along shorelines, our rip rap breakwaters allow natural vegetation to grow and can create a breakwater to help re-establish natural slope. Similar to Rip Rap, our products allow animals and organisms to pass through with little restriction.

Seawall caps and attachments

1Print’s seawall caps and attachments are designed to complement and protect seawalls, these provide further structural support— keeping your seawall in alignment. 

Habitable Seawalls

Seawalls protect areas of human habitation, conservation, and leisure activities from the action of tides, waves, or tsunamis.

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Portfolio of land infrastructure products.

We’re deeply focused on developing durable land infrastructure products to address our nation’s deteriorating infrastructure. We’re also seeking collaborations with forward-thinking companies to innovate solutions for a resilient future.

Here is a sampling:

Storm water/drainage systems

Stormwater systems are critically important to protect our environment, existing land infrastructure, while—at the same time—adhering to the latest regulations. We are manufacturing box culverts, concrete pipes, catch basins and inlets, and much more.


From bridge decks to box culverts, our land infrastructure solutions use 3DCP technology to deliver fast, quality results.

Liquid containment vaults

These 3DCP manufactured vaults offer worry-free containment of liquids that protect the environment.

Marine offerings

We can also manufacture boat ramps (slipways), launches, and pilings for moving boats and ships to and from the water.

Rail systems

Our 3DCP products include rail components and trenches, offering durability and convenience, and available in a range of complex sizes and shapes.

Retaining walls

Designed to restrain soil or engineering fill, we offer a range of retaining wall options, from cantilever to embedded to gravity retaining walls and more.


These products include highway dividers, barriers, guard rails and more all designed to meet the DOT requirements.

Other applications?

Highlighted nidus3D-based offerings

Townhome – In development

Enterprise – Versatile Light Industrial Space

Horizon - One core design, many unit options

Semi-detached – In development

Oasis – Modern Technology for a Modern House

Sanctuary - Modern appeal with comfort in mind

Pavilion – Community space

Nexus – Single detached home

Legacy - Simply designed for attainability

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