A range of integrated services to meet your needs.

Your teams need the best tools, technology, and services to ensure project success. As a new type of 3DCP infrastructure and construction company, 1Print can help. Whether looking for design-build services, product research and development, contract manufacturing or logistics.

In addition to our off-the-shelf products such as seawalls and artificial reefs, we offer a comprehensive range of services for federal, local, and state agencies as well as large-scale engineering firms.

We are a one-stop-shop for engineering, manufacturing, and deployment using our 3DCP expertise.  We are committed to working closely with your team to always achieve the best possible result.

Core offerings—One-Stop-Shop with our design, manufacturing and logistics expertise.


We help make your complex and customized infrastructure ideas a reality. From initial concept to completion, our comprehensive design-build services include planning/project goals, team selection, preliminary designs, prototyping, and construction/build—an experienced team of 3DCP technology and material experts are here to ensure your success.

Contract Manufacturing

Depend on us to manufacture and scale your infrastructure products on time and within budget—whether we’re manufacturing on-site at your job site or at our facilities.


We offer logistical services for a range of activities involved in managing the entire project lifecycle process from napkin sketch to installation.

R&D/Product Development

If you are wondering where to start on your project, our R&D  services can help you get started. With our university partners, we can conduct research, evaluate approaches, and innovate on solutions to make sure you uncover the best approach for your needs. We welcome partnerships for grants and funding opportunities.