May 22, 2024


New Book Showcases Nature-Based Solutions Around The World

Announcing The Release Of Engineering With Nature: An Atlas, Volume 3.

Building on the success of its predecessors, the newest volume of the Engineering With Nature (EWN) Atlas continues to spotlight projects harnessing the power of nature-based solutions (NBS) worldwide.

What’s Inside:

  • 58 new projects showcasing diverse environmental contexts, including beaches, wetlands, islands, reefs, riverine systems, and floodplains.
  • Innovative integration of vegetation and natural materials.
  • Environmental enhancements of existing infrastructure.

By showcasing the tangible outcomes of engineering with nature, we aim to demonstrate the immense value of nature-based solutions and inspire collective action. Each volume of the Atlas is filled with vivid imagery and concise descriptions, making the concepts accessible to a wide audience. Just like a traditional atlas broadens our horizons, the EWN Atlas reveals the inherent potential of utilizing natural features as part of an engineered solution…