Re-think resilience.

The future of infrastructure and construction starts with breaking the mold.

Meet the world’s first 3D printing infrastructure and construction company. We’re “breaking the mold” by creating 3D concrete solutions printed in complex shapes and sizes never before possible.

Coastal and Land

Coastal: 1Print is protecting the coasts while enhancing ecosystems within shorelines, marshlands, and lakes with Nature-Based Solutions(NBS).  Offerings include new and innovative custom approaches to mitigating wave energy, flooding, and erosion that threaten civilian and DoD infrastructure and personnel.  More »

Land: 1Print is building and restoring land infrastructure by offering new and disruptive approach to manufacturing the roads, bridges, energy, and water management systems that we depend on on a daily basis.  More »

Real Estate

Working with developers on cost-effective, highly scalable 3D solutions, 1Print is advancing the single/multifamily housing and commercial real estate market.
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Equipment & Materials

At 1Print we offer 3DCP technologies, training, services, materials, and support for a range of concrete 3D printers and accessories.
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Why 1Print?

Today’s “business-as-usual” infrastructure and housing is failing to meet intensifying climate events.

  • Coral reefs and our natural habitat are experiencing intense devastation.
  • Our seawalls and land infrastructure are cracking and deteriorating.
  • We are seeing increasing damage to our housing, livelihoods, and entire communities.
  • Flooding, the most common natural disaster in the U.S., is causing billions of dollars per event to all infrastructures—from water systems to our coastlines to housing and commercial property.

Imagine a new approach. Resilient coastal and land infrastructure. Re-engineered housing and real estate.

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What If…

Coastal protection systems, as one example, were not constrained by using precast, fixed geometries from molds?

What if 3D solutions printed in complex shapes and sizes with concrete and advanced materials were possible for the first time ever?

What if you had access to off-the-shelf solutions for breakwaters, artificial reefs, and coastal protection systems? Imagine energy efficient, highly scalable, cost-effective housing and commercial real estate? What about custom products prototyped one day, modified the next?

Consider the benefits of mobile, on-site manufacturing scaled up quickly—no long lead times, costly transportation, and storage.

And for a lasting impact on our planet—imagine Nature-Based Solution (NBS) that preserve our natural ecosystem.

Enter 1Print. A new kind of climate tech company.

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A growing network of strategic partners

The 1Print Difference

Sustainable resilient 3D concrete printing for:

  • Coastal Infrastructure
  • Land Infrastructure
  • Housing Construction
  • Commercial Construction

Complex shapes, fast product development.

Less expensive deployment and quick path to mass scale.

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Services to meet your needs, ensure your success.

From our core offerings of design-build, contract manufacturing, and R&D development to a range of equipment and value added end-to-end services, we have you covered for your infrastructure and real estate construction needs.

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