Re-think resilience.

The future of infrastructure starts with breaking the mold.

Climate events are intensifying and causing destruction along our coastlines:

  • Cracked, deteriorating seawalls due to harsh weather and age.
  • Devastation of our coral reefs from water pollution and a warming climate.
  • Loss of our natural habitat and biodiversity—mangrove forests, seagrass beds, coral and oyster reefs.

Flooding is the most common natural disaster in the U.S., causing billions of dollars per event.

As one example, concrete seawalls—designed to protect our shorelines since the Roman Empire—aren’t meeting today’s challenges of preserving and restoring our natural environment. Imagine a different approach.

What IF …

…. seawalls were not constrained by using pre-cast, fixed geometries from molds?

What if 3D solutions printed in complex shapes and sizes with concrete and advanced materials were possible for the first time ever?

What if large companies and government entities had access to a range of options from off-the-shelf solutions for artificial reefs and seawalls to custom solutions that enabled prototyping one day, modifying the next, testing, and repeating?

Imagine a mobile, on-site manufacturing solution scaled up quickly—no long lead times, costly transportation, and storage.

And what if a “green in the gray” solution preserved our natural ecosystem for a lasting impact on the planet we call home?

Enter 1Print.

We are a new type of infrastructure company designing and producing resilient green-gray coastal protection solutions to mitigate the damage caused by extreme weather events in coastal communities. Our PrintCast™ 3D concrete printing products include artificial reefs and seawalls that integrate habitats for marine life.

That’s just the beginning. Think what our innovations could do next:

  • Help restore marshlands and lakes with new approaches to water systems, catch basins, and more.
  • Advance the built environment by working with developers on more cost-effective 3D solutions that can be rapidly deployed at scale.
  • Deliver solutions that mitigate the coastal flooding, erosion and storm damage that increasingly threaten civilian and DoD infrastructure and personnel.

The 1Print Difference

  • Sustainable Resilient Infrastructure 3D Concrete Printing
  • Complex shapes
  • Quick product development
  • Cheaper deployment
  • Quick path to mass scale
  • In-situ capabilities

At 1Print, we’re breaking the mold. Re-imagining, re-engineering, and re-thinking resilience. The future of infrastructure starts here.

At 1Print, we’re breaking the mold. Re-imagining, re-engineering, and re-thinking resilience. The future of infrastructure starts here.

  • Do you have an idea you want to prototype and test out—fast and cost-effectively?
  • Are you an architectural or engineering firm not only seeking green-gray coastal and water management solutions, but desiring solutions that can be prototyped in less than a week, and scaled and delivered in a month?
  • Are you seeking design-build services to address climate-related destruction impacting our shorelines and water systems?
  • Are you a non-profit looking to partner with a company like 1Print to further your ESG goals?
  • Are you a concrete producer or an advanced technology or tool company looking to expand into the growing 3D concrete printing market?
  • Are you a university or institution that wants to partner on a grant opportunity?
  • Do you have a pre-permitted area for projects or pilots?

Call us to learn more. And be the first to sign up when our new site launches with information on our products and services.

Let’s get started. Together, building a sustainable, resilient infrastructure.